Front Yard Landscape Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

The ranch style houses began to show up on the American landscape in the thirties. They are known for their gently peaked roofs and rectangular shapes. The style was very popular until the seventies, and then more traditional homes became popular. Ranch style homes were built on large lots and had minimalist architectural elements. So if you own such a house, you can be adventurous with your landscaping. In this article you will find a few front yard landscape ideas for your house.

The walkways tend to be narrow and quite long, with a porch in front of the house. You can create a garden of low maintenance plants in front of your porch. Salvia, lavender, and butterfly bushes are good ideas. You might need to remove some parts of the lawn, but this will divide the large area into more interesting areas. Create garden sections for certain types of grasses. If you want to add color, plant flowers like petunias and marigolds.

Consider adding steps that stop at the sidewalk for a nice entry for your guests. Add ground level lighting for extra safety. Build a terraced patio near your door- it can be used as a gathering spot. Place tea lights on the steps for a romantic effect. If you want an intimate atmosphere, try placing potted trees on the patio. You can also cluster certain trees in groups to achieve a natural shade in the front yard, and maybe even create a lovely habitat for birds.


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